Pentagon® Survival Bracelet 2.0

designed for professional or Leisure outdoor use or as a contemporary dress accessory.

Made of 550 military grade ParaCord with 9 Core

Nylon Strands, when the conventional 550 ParaCord has 7 strands of Nylon Core.

Re-designed Adjustable buckle and Pin with Pentagon® Logo made from

Corrosive resistant 316 Solid Stainless Steel

This Survival Bracelet unfolds to approximately 4,8m which means that you have about 43m

of Nylon Core Strands that can be used in any survival situation.

Product Specifications:


  • Military Grade 550 ParaCord with 9 core Nylon strands
  • Unfolds to over 4m of ParaCord
  • 316 Stainless Steel Solid Block Clasp
  • Size Open can adjust from 21cm-22,5cm